Arachnophobe hears 'scratching' noise in ear, discovers spider

A self-professed arachnophobe's worst fears have come to life after discovering a spider nesting in his ear.

When UK man Liam Gomez woke up earlier this week with an earache and vertigo, he decided to use a home remedy to help with the pain.

"I put a couple of drops of olive oil in my ears and decided to go back to sleep for a bit - I could feel tickling in my ear, but put it down to the oil," he told Britain's South West News Service (SWNS).

"When I woke up a couple hours later, I could still feel the sensation, but also hear a faint scratching sound, so I decided to investigate with a cotton bud."

To his horror, the cotton bud came out with a spider's leg attached. With his worst nightmare coming to life, Gomez decided to "get the bloody thing out of me as fast as possible".

"I used a hairpin and the cotton bud to retrieve the spider, making sure to count the legs coming out, then made sure to give my ear a good clean," he told SWNS. "I was obviously revolted as I hate spiders."

Gomez now sleeps with earmuffs on to prevent the incident reoccurring.

"I'm hoping it was male, because I'm really hoping it didn't have to chance to lay eggs," he told SWNS.


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