Baby in pushchair narrowly escapes car crash at Arizona intersection

A baby in a pushchair narrowly avoided becoming the victim of a terrifying car crash thanks to its mother's quick thinking.

Nail-biting footage has emerged of the collision at an intersection in Phoenix, Arizona. A couple can be seen crossing Indian School Rd, with the woman pushing a pram. 

A car suddenly hurtles across the intersection and crashes into another vehicle, sending it on a direct collision course with the couple. The woman sees the oncoming danger just in time to sprint forward with the pushchair, the man close behind her.

Fortunately, all three made it to the other side of the road without harm. 

It's believed 28-year-old Ernesto Otanez Oveso was driving a Jeep when he ran a red light, crashing into the Chevrolet driving past and propelling it toward the crosswalk.

Oveso fled the crash scene, threatening a witness with a knife as he ran, according to court documents. He was arrested soon afterwards and charged with driving under the influence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and weapons possession by a prohibited possessor.

A 27-year-old woman who was driving the Chevrolet suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


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