Boris Johnson's Brexit deal passes second reading

Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Prime Minister Boris Johnson Photo credit: Getty

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has passed its second reading, but its timetable has been defeated.

The government's withdrawal agreement bill passed in the House of Commons with 329 votes to 299, a decisive majority of 30. 

It then immediately faced a second vote, which if successful would push the bill through the Commons in just three days. A number of MPs said that wouldn't be enough time to thoroughly analyse the 110-page bill.

Johnson's timetable was defeated, voted against by 322 to 308.

Earlier on Tuesday the Prime Minister threatened to pull the bill and instead call a general election if the timetable vote failed.

Political commentators are admiring Johnson's ability to get further with securing a Brexit deal than his predecessor Theresa May ever did.

Labour MPs rejected a deal under May, but have just voted for a deal described as "potentially worse for them" by The Observer's Michael Savage.