Disposable coffee cup grabbed from Boris Johnson's hand in viral video

A disposable coffee cup has become the latest distraction for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Conservative Party politicians have made a raft of new announcements at their conference in Manchester this week, including aims to raise the national living wage and plans to replace outdated hospital infrastructure.

But it's been accusations against the embattled Prime Minister which have largely hogged the headlines, and now video footage of Johnson having a disposable coffee cup whipped away from him is getting major attention.

Footage from Channel 4 of Johnson walking alongside his aides at the conference has gone viral online after showing the Prime Minister being handed a coffee cup that is quickly taken away by an aide. She can then be heard telling the man who gave Johnson the cup: "No disposable cups".

It was likely an attempt to stop him being pictured with the environmentally-unfriendly, single-use cup. 

Last week, Canada's Green party leader, Elizabeth May, came under scrutiny after it emerged that, without her being aware, a photo of her holding a disposable cup was photoshopped by aides to show her holding something more on brand.

Johnson's right-hand man on Brexit, Michael Gove, has also led the charge in phasing out plastic straws, cotton buds and other single-use plastics.

Greenpeace tweeted: "We agree with your aide Boris Johnson. No disposable cups!"

But some on social media have speculated the video provides a rare insight into the reported tensions within Downing St and Johnson's team as the administration's Brexit agenda fails to lift off. 

Regardless of what the video gives away, the Prime Minister has seen the fun in it, tweeting a picture of him holding a ceramic cup of coffee and smiling.

"I got my coffee in the end."

But he wasn't smiling earlier this week.

On Sunday, he was accused of inappropriately touching two women in either the late-1990s or early-2000s. He was also previously referred to the police complaints body over his links to entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri. It's claimed that while Mayor of London, Johnson was having an affair with Arcuri and giving her favourable treatment - such as public money and access to foreign trips. Johnson denies he acted improperly.


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