Exhausted cat needs glucose drip after mating with at least five females in a single night

A Chinese man's cat needed medical treatment after staff at the cattery where it was staying let it out overnight and it mated with five females.

Xiaopi the cat's owner, known only as Zhao, dropped him off at the cattery before going away, warning them he wasn't desexed, the Daily Mail reports.

But he realised once he got the cat back it had been let roam freely overnight, in a room filled with also undesexed female cats.

He managed to mate with at least five of them in the resulting hubbub and was exhausted.

"Between around 10:40pm and 5am, my cat mated with five female cats. And those are only the ones I could see in the CCTV footage."

Zhao said the cattery got upset with him after the incident, but the owner was adamant it wasn't his fault.

"They had the nerve to be upset with me. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners.

"My f**king cat is exhausted and on a glucose drip, and this is my fault?"

The cattery later apologised and offered to pay for Xiaopi's treatment. It's also offered to compensate each pregnant cat's owners 500 Renminbi (NZ$110) and sell any kittens.

Zhao says the other cats' owners have said they'll give him either some money or a kitten if their cats turn out to be pregnant.


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