Hong Kong police snapped smiling while pepper spraying journalist

A chilling photograph of the Hong Kong protests has surfaced online.

The image shows an unnamed police officer smiling widely while pepper spraying photojournalist Lam Chun Tung.

Initium Media, the company that Chun Tung works for, said the journalist was away from all the protesters and civilians when he was attacked. 

According to the company, the incident occurred on September 30 when riot police retreated from Causeway Bay.

"He [had] shown the identity as the press to the police by wearing the press card [and] a helmet with the word press," reads a Facebook post by Initium.

"His hands were holding a camera and taking photos. However, he was suddenly fired directly [at] by a riot police officer with pepper spray at his face and the camera."

The company says it "strongly condemns" police for attacking journalists.

In the comments of the Facebook post, Initium Media clarified Chun Tung is okay.

"We are currently consulting our lawyers to reserve the right to further appeal against the police."



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