'Huge' shark rams Australian surfer, takes massive chunk out of surfboard

An Australian man has had a close call with a "huge" shark which rammed him while surfing and tore a large chunk out of his surfboard.

Mike Bruton, 29, was out in the water with his brother near Seal Rocks in New South Wales on Saturday when something struck his board from below the water's surface and threw him into the air.

"Out of nowhere. [It] just rammed me from straight underneath," Bruton told 9News.

He told The Daily Telegraph that the force hitting the board felt "like I was getting hit by a bus". 

It was then when he glimpsed the shark, which he described as "huge". Witnesses onshore said the shark also leapt into the air.

"I just jumped on my board, pretty freaked out by it all. Yeah, sitting there for a little while trying to get a wave in and thinking that next bite was about to come and luckily it didn't."

But it wasn't until he managed to get back to the safety of land, that Bruton realised there was a massive chunk missing from his surfboard.

"It's just very lucky it got my board and not me."

Other surfers report the shark was a great white and up to 2.5 metres long.

Bruton, who was unharmed, said it might take him a while, but he will eventually get back into the water.


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