'Peeping Tom' beaten to death after spying on couple having sex

Victor Vickery has been charged with manslaughter.
Victor Vickery has been charged with manslaughter. Photo credit: Broward County Sheriff's Office / Getty

A Florida man has been arrested after a 'peeping Tom' who spied on a couple having sex was beaten to death. 

Victor Vickery, 30, was arrested on a manslaughter charge on Monday (local time), bringing a 15-month investigation by Fort Lauderdale police to a close.

Vickery told police that in July 2018, he was "getting intimate" with his girlfriend Samantha Hobi in bed at her house when he heard what sounded like someone scratching and pulling at the bedroom window.

He says he ran outside, naked and barefoot, where he found 57-year-old Asaad Akar, whose pants were unzipped, exposing his genitals. He proceeded to fight the man, kicking and punching him several times. 

When officers arrived at Hobi's home after she called police, they found Vickery covered in blood and icing his swollen foot. Akar was taken to hospital where he died from blunt force trauma. 

Hobi initially told police she saw Aker with his hands around Vickery's throat so she hit the intruder with a shovel. She later recanted this story, claiming Vickery had told her to lie, and that she hadn't seen Aker touch her boyfriend. 

While calling 911, Hobi told the dispatcher she'd made several police reports in the past about someone looking through her windows. 

Local media has quoted a police report that says Akar had a previous criminal record for peeping into windows. 

Vickery - who is facing multiple charges in addition to manslaughter including sexual battery - has been jailed on US$100,000 (NZ$156,000) bail.

Akar was remembered as a "devoted son" and a "kind soul" in an online obituary.

"He was a profound teacher who transformed the lives of many," it reads. "May he rest in peace."


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