Suspected killer's ankle bracelet removed after he misses payment

Man wearing ankle monitor
A Texas man charged with murder had his ankle monitor removed by a GPS company. Photo credit: Getty

A Texas man charged with murder had his ankle bracelet removed after he stopped paying a monthly fee to the GPS provider.

Clint Walker is accused of shooting and killing a man during a failed robbery in 2016. He was released on bond in June on the condition he wear an ankle monitor to record his movements. 

One of the conditions of Walker's $100,000 bond was that he make monthly payments to GPS company Guarding Public Safety. As of September 19, he was US$305 (NZ$483) behind on his payments, and a staff member was sent to remove the ankle monitor.

Walker was able to walk freely around Harris County, Houston until he was arrested last Wednesday (local time). 

District Attorney Kim Ogg called the removal of Walker's monitor for unpaid fees a "troubling loophole". 

The director of the local corrections department told media the GPS company removed Walker's monitor without consulting them, and had been terminated as a vendor for "serious violations of the memorandum of understanding". Defendants released on bond can choose between four ankle monitor companies. 

Authorities have been advised to check on the 173 murder suspects currently out on bond in Harris County that they are all co-operating with conditions, including wearing an ankle monitor if required. 


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