UK man wakes up to $770 Uber bill after falling asleep in back seat

A UK clubber's alcohol-fueled night of partying has left him with a £400 (NZ$770) Uber bill after he fell asleep inside the cab.

After hard night out partying - and multiple alcoholic beverages - 20-year-old Joseph Fergie decided to use the ridesharing app to get himself home safely.

The call centre worker got into his Uber at 5:14am for the 3km ride to his home in Leith, Scotland, which normally takes around 15 minutes

Unfortunately, he fell asleep in the cab's back seat, only to be woken up at 8:30am by his Uber driver who informed Fergie that he had arrived at his chosen destination.

Upon looking around, Fergie got the shock of his life. Instead of being driven home, he had been driven 180km to Kirkcudbright in Dunfries and Galloway.

"I woke up still drunk and when I saw sheep kicking about the countryside - I thought the guy had taken me to Musselburgh," he told the Daily Record.

Musselburgh is a town on the coast of the Firth of Forth, around 13km from Edinburgh's city centre.

He sent a Snapchat of his predicament to his friends, who were quick to see the funny side.

"I ended up telling all my pals about the situation and they just burst out laughing. They couldn't believe what happened," he told the Daily Record.

It took him seven hours and multiple buses and trains to finally arrive back in Edinburgh. His Uber account was charged £395.85 (NZ$771.98) for the journey.

"I'm still trying to piece together what exactly happened last night and I am chatting with Uber to see if they can help in any way," Fergie added.

"I've had never heard of Kirkcudbright before last night and I doubt I'll be able to ever forget it now."