US toddler dies after mother leaves her in hot car to go drinking

Two-year-old June was found horrifically burned in her car seat.
Two-year-old June was found horrifically burned in her car seat. Photo credit: Rosie Vargas-Charneco / Givealittle

Warning: The article contains content that may disturb some people.

A two-year-old US girl died after her mother locked her in a hot car for five hours while she went out drinking.

June Love Agosto was strapped to her car seat and left under a blanket with the heating on and the windows closed in West Carson, California late last month.

The toddler's mother originally told police that she only left the youngster in the car for a few minutes, but ultimately admitted this wasn't true, according to the coroner's report.

Instead, she drank in a friend's nearby car until she fell asleep. When she finally woke and returned to her daughter she discovered June covered in burns and vomit. Her injuries were so bad skin was peeling off her back, the coroner's report states.

Her mother took her out and sprayed her with a water hose to cool her down while paramedics were called to take the infant to the hospital.

But June couldn't be saved in time and she succumbed to her injuries.

June's godmother Jessica Peterson-Burns told media the family were devastated.

"Our family is broken, we just need prayers and we're just broken," she said.

A Givealittle has been set up to help with the funeral expenses.

"June was just two years old, full of life and loved by so many," the page reads. "Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred and beautiful June has become an angel in heaven."

The police report reveals the mother told police she was a former drug addict but had gone through rehab. She had another child taken away from her due to neglect six years ago, investigators say.

No arrests have been made, however June's mother is being held in police custody while an investigation is carried out.