Australian scientists develop 'shark-resistant' wetsuit

Scientists have developed a wetsuit which could protect swimmers from fatal shark attacks.

The suit, developed by South Australia's Flinders University, is designed to reduce blood loss - the main cause of death in shark attacks.

It's made from thicker fabric than a typical wetsuit. 

"The aim was to determine if some new fabric was going to be able to reduce injuries with shark bites," said associate professor Charlie Huveneers told 7 News.

The suit's efficiency was studied in shark-infested waters off the coast of South Australia.

Scientists used a foam board coated in the material to test if it could withstand the shark bite. 

"We went there for several days and enticed some sharks to bite through the material to be able to compare the level of damage," Huveneers said.

He hopes if the suit can reduce blood loss, it will give emergency services enough time to reach the victim.

The study is now being independently reviewed.