British schoolboy's thick Yorkshire accent goes viral

A six-year-old from Barnsley, South Yorkshire has captured the attention of thousands after a video of his thick accent went viral.

The footage shows the boy talking to his mum about an interaction with his teacher, Miss Macdonald.

His mother, Pebbles Quinn who has chosen not to name her son, then posted the video on Facebook.

"I have done more than one sentence, and she says 'you haven't,' and then I said, 'look there's full stops'," the boy tells his mum in the video.

"So I comes, does me wrong things, fixes me wrong things and then I shown her.

"She says, 'just put it in the box, I'm sick of hearing you now'."

Quinn told local media she usually films both her sons talking to each other and was not expecting it to go viral. 

The video has been shared by multiple news sites. On the Ladbible, the post has gained over 50,000 likes and over 27,000 comments. 

One woman commented "I love living in Yorkshire and the accent is the best."

Another stated, "well Miss Macdonald you will have to improve on your patience skills if all the class are as Yorkshire as this one haha".

However others have criticised Miss Macdonald. 

One woman remarked "Well she's adorable, BUT don't think much of Miss McDonald as a teacher!!! If OFSTED had been present she would have failed. Sick of hearing you!!!!! Put it in box, really. Glad she's not teaching my grandchild."

Another person said "what a gorgeous little boy. You're gonna be a star one day and you'll make a million of Miss McDonald when ur done too. Let's hope this puts Miss McDonald right in her own box."


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