Irish man randomly strikes gold looking for lost wedding ring

The two men struck literal gold.
The two men struck literal gold. Photo credit: Paul Raynard

A man using a metal detector claims he strumbled across a bunch of gold coins in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. 

Lighting engineer Paul Raynard, 44, says he was looking for his friend's lost wedding ring when they came across the loot.

He and Michael Gwynne did not find the ring but upon digging found 84 coins - some dating back 500 years ago. 

According to The Independent, it’s something Mr Rayneard has dreamed of finding since he was a kid.

"It was an amazing feeling. It’s like checking your lottery numbers and realising you’ve hit the jackpot."

It has been reported the oldest coin could be back to dated 1512 and was made when Henry VIII was king. 

Mr Raynard believes one of the coins could be worth as much as £5,000, while another coin dates back to 1546, worth £3,000 reports the Independent. 

It is understood he has sent the coins to the Ulster Museum to be valued.  



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