Newshub correspondent confronts Samoan alternative 'healer' over measles treatment claims

There has been another dramatic spike in deaths in Samoa, with the death toll rising to 39 and another 250 measles cases recorded in the last 24 hours. 

Fritz Alai'asa, an alternative healer, is treating patients with alkaline water, known as Kangen Water.

Newshub visited his clinic, which was full of sick people waiting for help, despite large gatherings of people under the age of 19 being banned as part of the emergency laws.

While waiting to see Alai'asa, a man believed to have measles collapsed and became unresponsive.

Rather than take him immediately to hospital, Alai'asa and his team pour Kangen water over his head and neck. After this fails to revive the man, he is eventually taken to the hospital.

Alai'asa claims he has a 'medical qualification' from the University of Hawaii. However, when asked what kind of medical qualification he has, Alai'asa said his degree is "on injuries".

But he insists he's not a con artist as some are claiming.

"I don't want money. I just want to help my people," he said.

He then confirmed he was charging 10 tala  - the equivalent of NZ$6 per patient.

"I charge people because it's my water," he told Newshub, before seemingly admitting the water doesn't help.

"Yeah, it does nothing, but it's water. I spray them," he continued.

When asked why he was advocating it as a treatment for measles, he said, "because it's Kangan Water".

Then the interview ended abruptly, with Alai'asa demanding the footage be deleted.

"I don't want this on TV, delete this! Delete this!"

Newshub was then prevented from leaving his property as the sick continued to wait and hope they'll be healed.

The cameraman's car was blocked in at the car park and Newshub reporter Michael Morrah had his notepad stolen. It was only returned when he said he would call the police.

Alai'asa then called the police and his lawyer and said he would sue Newshub, forcing Morrah to call the New Zealand High Commission in Apia.

Newshub has laid a complaint with police because Alai'asa was breaching the state of emergency rules.