Raped Indian teen urged to sell baby - reports

India's flag.
India's flag. Photo credit: Getty

A 15-year old girl in India has claimed she was pressured to sell her baby after getting pregnant during a sexual assault.

Village elders in Muzaffarpur allegedly ordered her to put her new baby up for sale and keep the money as compensation, the Indian Express reported.

The girl was allegedly raped by two men - one a cleric from the local mosque, who filmed the act. The girl was reportedly told to ask for 20,000 rupees - about $436. 

Local police have opened an investigation into the elders, known as panchayat, after she laid a complaint in July, the Times of India reported.

"We have ordered a probe into the entire case, including allegations against the local panchayat," a spokesperson told the Express.

The alleged rapists have not been arrested, local media reported.

"No lapses on the part of the investigating officers will be tolerated," police insisted. 

Sexual assault is shockingly common in India, with several attacks making headlines worldwide in recent years. In 2018 India was ranked the most dangerous country in the world for women by a panel of experts.