Uganda lightning strike kills six people and seriously injures 11 during funeral

The mourners huddled under a tree when the lightning struck.
The mourners huddled under a tree when the lightning struck. Photo credit: Getty

A group of mourners were attending a funeral ceremony in Uganda when the procession was struck by a deadly lightning bolt. 

The funeral took place in the village of Tobi in Pader, Northern Uganda on Thursday morning, when the village, which had experienced dense rain in the past week was struck by the fatal lightning bolt. 

"The group had spent the night in prayers for a bereaved person when the incident happened," Police Commander Tom Bainomugisha told Xinhua.

According to Bainomugisha, the group huddled under a big tree when the lightning struck. 

Lightning is common in the region, Bainomugisha told Xinhua. 

In September, four farmers were killed by lightning in the southwestern district of Kanungu, according to local media. 

A recent report from The Famine Early Warning System Network released Friday, November 8, 2019, says the incident is linked to intense rain in east Africa, which is common for this time of year.

"The rainfall outlook for November is forecast to be above average. This is the peak rainfall period of the Deyr [name for the rainy season] and short rains in the eastern Horn. With the rainfall, there is a heightened risk of additional flooding in the coming weeks."

Local police spokesman Patrick Okema told Deutsche Presse-Agentur the wounded have been admitted to hospital, while some are in a critical condition. 



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