UK Pizza Express hit with fake reviews after Prince Andrew interview

A United Kingdom pizza restaurant has been flooded with fake reviews following Prince Andrew's interview on his links to Jeffery Epstein.

The Pizza Express in Woking, Surrey gained popularity on Saturday (local time) after the Prince claimed he took his daughter, Princess Beatrice, there on the night he is accused of having sex with Virginia Guiffre, an alleged sex slave of Epstein.

The alleged events happened on March 10, 2001, a date the Prince said he remembers clearly because going to Pizza Express in Woking was an "unusual thing" for him to do, he told BBC’s Newsnight.

Guiffre claims the pair partied at Tramp nightclub in London on this night, and then she had sex with the Prince. Guiffre was 17 at the time.

The Prince's alibi led to a flurry of tongue-in-cheek reviews of the Woking pizza joint online.

"I've stayed at many a mansion of billionaires and even been to some amazing night clubs, but I can't remember anything about them only my visit to the Pizza Express in Woking, so that tells you how much I enjoyed eating there. Unforgettable that's what you are," one faux reviewer said.

"I visited here on 10 March, 2001 and it was a truly unforgettable experience. I often can't remember things that happened a few months ago but a trip to this Pizza Express is a memory that stays with you for a lifetime. Also the range of drinks was excellent and much better than Tramps," another reviewer said.

A third said, "the American Hot is great and my personal favourite, it's yet to bring me out in a sweat", referring to the Prince's claim that he had a medical condition at the time of the alleged events that prevented perspiration.

The Pizza Express social media team saw the deluge of publicity coming its way and wrote a message on its Twitter.

"9:00 pm - Switch off computer, 10:00 pm - 120 messages of work WhatsApp group telling you to 'check Twitter now'," the tweet said.

Jeffery Epstein was being held in a New York prison cell on sex trafficking charges before his death earlier this year.