US man pretended to be disabled so care workers would change his nappy and care for him like a baby

Rutledge Deas.
Rutledge Deas. Photo credit: Louisiana State Police

A New Orleans man admitted to police he pretended to be severely disabled so care workers would change his nappy.

Rutledge Deas IV, 29, told investigators he had suffered childhood trauma and being cared for like a baby brought him "back to a time and place where he was at peace," reports The New Orleans Advocate.

Deas used social media to create multiple posts asking for home health care workers. He would say the care was for his 18-year-old disabled brother Cory.

He would then pose as the non-existent Cory and pretend to be physically and mentally disabled while nurses changed him.

Deas used this process to "obtain sexual arousal" according to Louisiana State Police. 

One woman hired by Deas babysat him at least 10 times.  

According to court documents, the woman would change his dirty nappies while he sucked on a dummy and became "visibly aroused".

The woman said became suspicious after Deas paid her using Venmo when he usually used Apple Pay.

After some internet searching, the woman discovered Deas's Facebook profile. His profile picture was of the man she had been told was Cory.

He was arrested on Wednesday and charged with 10 counts each of sexual battery and human trafficking, reports The New Orleans Advocate. 

He could face additional counts as he allegedly confessed he had hired at least three women.

"This guy preys on people who have the compassion and patience to care for disabled individuals," said assistant district attorney Michael Henn in court on Thursday.

"This is harrowing."