Volunteer firefighter blames environmentalists for catastrophic fires in Australia

A volunteer firefighter has posted an emotional tirade blaming environmentalists for the fires raging across Australia.

Tyson Smith says "enviros" are responsible for the devastation across New South Wales and Queensland.

"How many more homes? How many more acres of destroyed forest and bushland? How many more lives?" he wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Fires have been burning out of control across Australia since the weekend. Three people are dead and more than 150 homes have been destroyed.

Smith says the "authority figures that have stood for environmental protection," over the past five years are "directly responsible for this devastation" who have stopped reduction burns. 

Volunteer firefighter blames environmentalists for catastrophic fires in Australia
Photo credit: Facebook/Tyson Smith

"The fuel loading we are seeing out on the ground is rediculous. We are looking 5-10 years of growth; the fuel source is making these fires untouchable, [sic]" Smith wrote. 

Reduction burns reduce the intensity of fires by removing fuel like leaves on the forest floor. By setting controlled fires, firefighters can reduce the heat of subsequent fires. 

"These envio authorities that put a stop to reduction burns need to be held personally accountable for the losses people have endured,[sic] " he wrote.

"Tell me why these enviros shouldn't be stood up in front of a judge and charged with manslaughter?"

Smith's post has been shared more than 7000 times.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science (DES) told news.com.au the agency carries out planned burns to minimise fuel loads frequently.

"This year since January there has been 296 planned burns conducted in protected areas, covering more than one million hectares. This is the most hectares treated by planned burns in five years," they said.

Reduction burns have to be done frequently to be effective and this carries serious side effects, such as smoke pollution and carries the risk of destroying homes, and infrastructure.