Woman captures moment plane passenger sitting behind her places dirty feet on headrest

The woman was disgusted by the passenger behind her.
The woman was disgusted by the passenger behind her. Photo credit: Getty

A disgusted plane passenger has shared the moment a fellow traveller placed their bare feet above her headrest. 

The woman posted a picture of the incident on Reddit with the caption, 'going to be a long flight'. 

It quickly went viral with 21,000 upvotes, which is a system similar to Facebook likes. 

The post garnered a strong reaction from users, with most saying the woman should have complained and that it was "disgusting".

"Why are people so afraid of confrontation? First, ask nicely because there's no reason to immediately be an ass," one user commented.

Another person said the woman should have asked the flight crew to deal with it. 

"COMPLAIN!!! This is what flight attendants are for. People don't know they are assholes until everyone on the plane is looking at them in anger, trust me. This happened to my sister and she is confrontational. I would not allow this," they said. 

Another called the stranger "rude, gross and inconsiderate".

"There is no nicely in a situation where someone is invading your VERY expensive space with some disgusting germ-filled, flaking feet over my head. Confront away with as much disgust as is called for. That's pathetically rude, gross, and inconsiderate."

One person had a unique solution, saying the woman should have tickled the stranger's feet until they removed them. 

"I mean, you gotta tickle the foot in this situation, right? Assert dominance, OP."

However, nearly all those who commented believed the passenger with their feet on the woman's headrest was wrong. 



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