Australia bushfires: PM Scott Morrison apologises for absence, regrets Hawaii holiday

Australia's Prime Minister has again apologised for leaving the country while it's ravaged by bushfires. 

Scott Morrison has returned from Hawaii and has been briefed on the ongoing emergency in New South Wales.

He cut the holiday short following the deaths of two volunteer firefighters, and after protestors gathered outside his home demanding he return.

More than 100 bushfires continue to rage.

At a press conference on Sunday morning (local time), Morrison says in hindsight, he should have made better decisions.

"I'm sure Australians are fair-minded and understand that when you make a promise to your kids you try and keep it," he told reporters.

"As Prime Minister, you have other responsibilities and I accept the criticism."

Morrison said he's comforted by the fact that Australians wanted him there during a disaster. 

He told reporters on Sunday morning he's sorry for leaving - and glad to be back.

NSW fire commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said they're hoping to make some progress in tackling the blazes on Sunday.

"We are expecting, and experiencing already more favourable weather conditions," he said. "We are seeing temperatures down into the 20s across a lot of areas."

A combination of temperatures above 40C, low humidity, and strong winds have added to the struggle for the almost 10,000 emergency personnel mobilised to deal with the blazes.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service said on Twitter more than 105 grass fires continue to burn across the state on Sunday, 59 of which are not contained.

More than 800 homes have been destroyed in the fires, and holiday travellers are urged to delay their journeys.