Australian family terrorised by massive snake trying to pull boy into bush

The python tried to snatch the boy.
The python tried to snatch the boy. Photo credit: 7News

An Australian family was terrorised this week when a large snake attempted to snatch a young boy from his backyard.

The Thompson family were enjoying an afternoon in the sun at their Queensland home, when they heard four-year-old Clifford screaming, according to 7News. 

A large, five-metre-long scrub python had latched onto the young boy's leg and was attempting to pull him into the bush.

Clifford's father, Evan, immediately ran up to the non-venomous snake and punched it in the head.

"It let go, which was great. But as soon as it's leg go, it's curled right back up and went straight and bit him again on the upper right leg (sic)," Evan told 7News.

"At that stage, it started to yank him back further and I could see it start to cause a significant cut to his leg."

Evan grabbed the snake's jaw and bent it backwards. The python dropped the boy, who attempted to make a run for it, but the snake tried its luck again.

"I had to run around, grab it on the tail, and just pull this thing away from Clifford as it was constantly trying to get back at him."

Eventually, with the help of a friend, Evan was able to kill the "aggressive" snake.

"The fact he just kept coming back is something I haven't experienced before."

The young boy is now recovering in hospital with a deep leg laceration. Evan said he was "absolutely terrified" by the experience.