Australian firefighters, residents and koalas rely on Christmas spirit to grapple bushfires

Australian firefighters, residents and koalas are all relying on the spirit of giving as the country grapples with devastating bushfires.

For volunteer firefighters having to sacrifice their own Christmas to try and save people's homes, the community of Wollondilly have banded together to bring them presents. 

"I haven't even gone out Christmas shopping or anything for my daughter. She's about to turn one on January 11th. Just thank you, thank you very much," said volunteer Firefighter, Andrew Johnston.

A total of 74 fires burned across New South Wales overnight, around 30 of them not yet contained.

For the more than 2500 personnel tasked with fighting the fires throughout Australia, Christmas is a holiday they've had to put aside.

With more than 1000 properties destroyed many fire-ravaged Australians have had a bleak Christmas.

Wayne Barrett, a rural fire service volunteer said Christmas is cancelled.

"Christmas is just another day to us. Unfortunately, but it's true."

While some residents are now relying on whatever donations and generosity they can get, Koalas being looked after in Port Macquarie and are on the mend thanks to a global spirit of giving.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Clinical Director, Cheyne Flanagan said their GoFundMe page, has got the biggest input of funds in Australian history. 

"It's gone over two million dollars."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also announced his government will payout at least four weeks of leave for volunteer firefighters who've given up their time to fight the blazes.

Morrison has apologised for his Hawaii holiday -and in his Christmas broadcast paid tribute to the families of Andrew O'Dwyer and Geoff Keaton, the firefighters who lost their lives. 

"We know this is going to be a tough Christmas for you. The first one without both of these amazing men."