Donald Trump a better President than Abraham Lincoln, supporters say

Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.
Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump. Photo credit: Getty

Abraham Lincoln is often voted the greatest US President of all-time, but a new poll has found most Republicans think Donald Trump is better.

The poll, conducted by YouGov for magazine The Economist, found 53 percent of them would rather have the former reality TV star running the country than the man who freed the slaves and won the US Civil War.

Lincoln, who served four years before being assassinated, is widely considered one of the country's greatest leaders, alongside Franklin D Roosevelt - who was Commander-in-Chief for the majority of World War II - and George Washington, who won the War of Independence and was the country's first President.

Trump is currently facing an impeachment investigation after allegedly withholding aid to Ukraine, seeking an investigation into the son of a rival politician. 

The poll also found American voters on the whole think Richard Nixon was a better President than Trump. Nixon resigned the presidency in disgrace in 1974, after it emerged he'd tried to cover-up his administration's involvement in a burglary that took place at the Democratic National Committee headquarters. 

Republicans predictably favour Trump over Nixon 86 percent to 14, but Democrat supporters - despite being the victims of his crime - would overwhelmingly rather have Nixon, 88 percent to 12.

Richard Nixon on the day he resigned.
Richard Nixon on the day he resigned. Photo credit: Getty

Other Presidents Republicans rank below Trump include: Dwight D Eisenhower - who led the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944, George HW Bush and George W Bush. Democrats in the poll overwhelmingly backed anyone other than Trump.

The one exception was Ronald Reagan, who arguably led the US to victory in the Cold War over the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Republicans would elect the former actor 59-41 over Trump, while Democrats would take him 92-8. 

Almost three-quarters of Republicans said even if it's proven Trump is guilty of the charges he faces in the impeachment inquiry, he shouldn't be forced out of office. Eighty-four percent of Democrats said he should.

Elsewhere in the poll, 1 percent of Americans said they consider brutal Stalinist dictatorship North Korea an 'ally' of the United States, and 8 percent reported believing they were enemies with South Korea. 


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