Indian policewoman poses as 'bride' to catch alleged killer

A police car on the street in New Delhi, India,
Photo credit: Getty

It sounds like something out of a spy novel - a police officer poses as a would-be bride in order to arrest a fugitive suspected of murder.

But that's exactly what happened in India recently, according to a report by the Times of India.

Sub-inspector Madhvi Agnihotri told the newspaper she decided to begin tracking down Balkishan Choubey, a gangster wanted for a raft of crimes related to murder and violent robbery, on Facebook after he continued to evade police.

Finding him online proved easier than she had imagined, and from the information he posted, Agnihotri says she also managed to find out his taste in women.

In order to arrange a meeting with him she contacted Choubey via the social media website and pretended to be visiting the area where he was. 

"I initiated a conversation with him," she told the Times of India. "I told him that I am from Chhattarpur and work as a labourer in Delhi and am visiting my village."

And the plan didn't take long to work.

"After chatting for just three days, he offered to marry me," Agnihotri said.

After 'agreeing' to the marriage the two arranged to meet in a local temple, where authorities organised to bring him into custody.

"Some policemen accompanied me as my relatives... I had a pistol in my purse," Agnihotri said.

Choubey was arrested without incident.