'The gates of hell': Photo reveals cockroach-filled sewer in Australia

'The gates of hell': Photo reveals cockroach-filled sewer in Australia
Photo credit: SA Water

For anyone unsettled by cockroaches, it might be a good idea to avoid looking down the drain.

That's if a photo shared by South Australia's water authority is anything to go by, which shows what appears to be thousands of the critters down a sewer pipe.

SA Water shared the photo of the critters on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

"Most of the surprising things we find in the sewers have unfortunately been put down the toilet or drain," the water authority said.

"However, it’s not uncommon to spot a few dozen cockroaches who have made their way into the pipes all on their own."

Looking at the photo, though, it looks like there's more than a "few dozen" of the insects down the drain.

According to 7 News, the photo was shared as part of the water authority's #HealthySewers campaign, which encourages residents in South Australia to pay more attention to what they put down their drains and protect the state's pipes.

"Our field operators tell us that when a foreign object, such as tree roots, kids toys or sprinkler heads get lodged in a pipe, more often than not, fat or wet wipes will accumulate behind the blockage," a spokesperson from SA Water told 7 News.

The photo elicited intense feedback online. 

"That's no sewer, that's the gates of hell," wrote one person.

"I  loathe cockroaches, worse than spiders, snakes and everything put together!" wrote another.

Not everyone was disgusted, though, with someone writing "my lizard would love this".

According to 7 News, SA Water spends around AUS$400,000 (NZ$417,000) every year removing items from the state's sewerage network.

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