US publication Newsweek sacks reporter Jessica Kwong who wrote fake news about Donald Trump's thanksgiving plans

Trump got in to ridicule the article before it was amended.
Trump got in to ridicule the article before it was amended. Photo credit: Getty

Newsweek has sacked journalist Jessica Kwong after she posted an inaccurate story about US President Donald Trump's thanksgiving plans.

The article originally titled "How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more" was published on Thursday (local time), but has since been amended to report the fact that Trump was paying a surprise visit to US troops in Afghanistan.

"It was written before knowing about the president's surprise visit to Afghanistan - an honest mistake," Kwong said on Twitter.

The Washington Examiner reports she was sacked after the story was corrected, citing a Newsweek spokesperson.

But Trump and Donald Trump Jr were able to get in and ridicule the article before it was corrected. Trump Jr said on Twitter "fake news gonna fake!" while Trump senior wrote, "I thought Newsweek was out of business?"

The failures that occurred by the publication are under investigation.

"We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action," the Newsweek spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

Trump's antagonistic relationship with mainstream media is well documented and the president is often openly hostile to individual news outlets.

In March, Trump expressed his anger at "fake news" hitting out at claims he was partially to blame for the Christchurch shooting.

"The Fake News Media is working overtime to blame me for the horrible attack in New Zealand," Trump said on Twitter at the time.

"They will have to work very hard to prove that one. So Ridiculous!"

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