Annual CES showcase shows off latest electric cars, flying taxis, Uber's public transport plan

Empathetic robots, wet nappy applications and the latest electric cars are just some of what's on show at the annual technology showcase CES.

The event in Las Vegas lets companies reveal the tech trends of the future, including a car that doubles as an entertainment centre.

All-electric car company Byton unveiled its new car, and the company's vice-president of digital engineering said it has a media company providing the video content.

"What's great about this is while you're parked, you can actually watch a real live video or movie," Jeff Chung said.

But another big reveal got the crowd excited, with Hyundai announcing it's partnered with Uber to make a mass-market flying taxi.

Eric Allison from Uber Elevate said people have started understanding the vision of what they're trying to do.

"This is not just toys, this is not something that you do once in a while and go on a joy ride or something," he said.

Electric-powered with the ability to carry four people plus a pilot, they won't be in the skies until later in the decade.

But Uber is still pushing ahead with its plans to trial other air taxis in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Dallas beginning in 2020. But Auckland isn't included yet.

"I will promise that we will look hard at New Zealand in the future," Allison said.

While the tech conference gives a sneak preview at a Jetsons-like future, there are also more grounded products like catching a bus.

Uber is doing deals with public transport authorities so riders can plan their journey and pay for a bus ticket via its app. But this also isn't available in New Zealand yet.

Uber's global head of transport David Reich said it's "one step at a time" as they work with local transit agencies.

"We are working with technology sites to bring these innovations to market," he said.

There are 4500 exhibitors at the event, and 150,000 visitors are expected.