Australia bushfires: Firefighter dad, young daughters have emotional reunion

Two young girls in Australia were reunited with their firefighter dad after he'd been away battling the New South Wales (NSW) bushfires.

Through shrieks of joy and tears of excitement, the girls were heard crying "daddy, daddy" as Ruby and Arkie Munroe welcomed their dad home after 11 long days.

Their dad Colin is a volunteer firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS), and said he was glad to be with his daughters again.

"Our training with the RFS is superb, it's absolutely unparalleled. We're pretty safe out there. But for the people left at home I think that is bewildering and terrifying," Colin said.

The fear of the unknown is a constant worry for many families of firefighters, and dad Colin's safe arrival home brought welcome relief.

"It's very good [to have dad home] because I love him," Ruby said.

Not all firefighters have the same reunion. Three were killed after their truck rolled. Two of them left behind toddlers, and the third will never meet his unborn baby.