Australia bushfires: Heroic zookeepers at Mogo Wildlife Park save hundreds of animals from flames

Heroic zookeepers at Australia's Mogo Wildlife Park have saved hundreds of animals from fiery death after the zoo was surrounded by a raging bushfire.

Flames raged through the area, spreading so quickly on Monday there wasn't enough time to evacuate the animals.

The zoo's director Chad Staples and his staff decided to stay behind to defend their wildlife, which number around 200.

Smaller animals like red pandas and monkeys were put into boxes and moved into different rooms at Staples' house at the park.

"Right now, in my house, there's animals of all descriptions in all the different rooms so that they're safe and protected," he told ABC on Tuesday.

Larger animals like tigers, lions and gorillas were moved to their night enclosures. And the largest ones like giraffes and zebras, were allowed to roam into the outdoor paddocks where grass was short and wet to reduce the fire risk.

"What we did with the dangerous animals - lions, tigers, orangutans - is encouraged them to the night den, kept them calm, like nothing was happening, and we were able to protect them at that site," Staples told ABC.

The zoo staff then set about defending the park from the flames, spraying down grass and buildings to prevent them from spreading and hosing down any spot fires. Staples described the scene as "like Armageddon".

"We were moving vehicles around that had huge amounts of water and pumps and things on them to get to spot fires," he told ABC.

And thanks to their brave actions, the zoo staff managed to save "every single animal".

"Thank you to all for your messages of concern and support today. Our incredible team of keepers have bravely secured the safety of all of our wonderful animals and the staff onsite," the park tweeted.

"Our prayers are with the #Mogo and #BatemansBay communities, all affected by #NSWbushfires."