Australia bushfires: Kiwi vet nurse says donated money being used to euthanise wildlife

A Kiwi vet nurse in Australia says money from campaigns to help animals in affected bushfire regions is not all going where it should be.

Abbey Pogan from Tauranga is across the ditch helping to raise funds for animals affected by the devastating bushfires. 

Lots of money has been thrown at helping affected wildlife, with close to $1 billion being raised. But Pogan said it's not all being used for the things you would expect, such as better healthcare for the wildlife.

"Every single wildlife carer we've met has not got a dollar," she told The Rock's Jay and Dunc on Wednesday.

"The only money I've seen go into helping wildlife is to go through and cull them all."

It's feared about 1 billion animals have been killed in the bushfires.

"There's some big groups here that have been sent the money to go out and shoot everything that they can," Pogan said.

She told The Rock one of the main reasons for that is there's limited places the animals can be released once they've recovered.

"I feel with the funding that's been put into that - it shouldn't be a problem. With the millions and millions of dollars we can quite literally buy land to hold all these animals until they can go somewhere.

"I don't think it's a good enough excuse that there's nowhere to put them. Australia's a pretty big country and they've now got a billion dollars to do what needs doing."

On January 13, Australia's treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced a $50 million fund for emergency wildlife and habitat recovery.

"The initial investment of $50 million into the protection and restoration of our wildlife and habitat is a critical step in creating a viable future for the animals that have survived," he said in a statement.

"As part of the Government's support $25 million will be provided for an emergency intervention fund to be used on critical interventions where required and to help with the immediate survival of affected animals, plants and ecological communities and to control pests and weeds."

Environment Minister Sussan Ley said the recovery effort would require collaboration between various parties.

"The resources and environment will also play a critical role in drawing this national effort together," she said.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross and other organisations have been accused of withholding money meant to help those affected by the bushfires.

"The money is needed now, not sitting in a Red Cross bank account earning interest so they can map out their next three years and do their marketing," NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said on Wednesday.

"We need a very real change, very quickly so that the money can get those who need it most," Constance said, as reported by ABC Australia.