Australia bushfires: Scorched animals treated with New Zealand's golden mānuka honey

Animals injured in Australia's bushfires are now being treated with a Kiwi remedy.

Medical grade mānuka honey is used to treat burns and prevent infections, and a conservationist from South Africa is giving out huge amounts for free.

Australia's fires and its wildlife disaster have struck a chord around the world.

It brought Jamie Joseph from Saving the Wild from South Africa to Australia with the golden honey. 

"We use mānuka honey on our poaching survivors. So if a poacher shoots a rhino for example and cuts off the face, but the rhino's bleeding to death, then our vets will run in.  

"And through that treatment or it could be a gunshot wound to the foot they use mānuka honey and it's been incredible results, said Joesph. 

Medical grade New Zealand mānuka honey is produced by Comvita in Te Puke.

Joseph's van is filled with 1500 boxes to distribute to carers across Australia.

She adds that it is antibacterial and prevents infections.

"For scorched animals, it's liquid gold."

 The need is great across Australia and requests are flowing in.

Kerstin Schweth from Wildlife Rescue South Coast is thrilled to have the product, which is often hard to get hold of. 

"Having a supply of it, it's amazing."

Saving The Wild is a wildlife charity delivering medical grade honey across Australia to treat animals with burns. If you're aware of a rescue center in need of supplies, send a message on Instagram to @saving_the_wild