Australia bushfires: Vegan's protest blames fires on meat-eaters

A vegan's protest in Australian supermarkets has caused outrage with shoppers after she appeared to blame the current bushfires on meat-eaters.

Tash Peterson visited at least three Perth supermarkets on Friday evening, live streaming each visit on her Facebook page.

She carried a stuffed sheep and a sign that read: "Australia is on fire. Meat, dairy and eggs is the fuel. Watch Cowspiracy."

Cowspiracy is a documentary about the impacts of animal agriculture on the environment.

A portable speaker is heard in the videos blaring emergency sirens and news coverage of the bushfires.

Shoppers were outraged at Peterson's protest, and one person is seen angrily dismissing her while he escorts a child away.

"This is actually really offensive, can you please go away," he said to her. "It's not really appropriate to do something like this here."

At a Coles supermarket, a store manager tried to block Peterson's sign and repeatedly asked her to leave the store.

The manager then attempted to grab the sign from Peterson's hands, which turned into a brief altercation between the two women.

Peterson and the person filming her were then escorted out of Coles by security. Her Facebook videos show the pair then visited at least two more supermarkets that same evening.

She later wrote on Facebook that the public needs to recognise that the bushfires were "initiated primarily by animal agriculture".

"Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, deforestation, wildlife extinction and a majority of other environmental catastrophes.

"We as a nation are devastated by the loss of millions of wildlife, but turn a blind eye to the half a billion farmed animals who are murdered every year in Australia alone."

Peterson was previously involved in a protest on Christmas Eve where she walked through Woolworths and Coles stores while holding the fake, bloody head of a pig. She also covered herself in fake blood.