Australia bushfires: Widow reads wedding vows at funeral of husband who died trying to save home

A widow renewed her wedding vows to her husband at his funeral, after he died with his father trying to save their family home in the Australian bushfires. 

New South Wales father and son Robert and Patrick Salway have been remembered as generous, loving members of the community as they were farewelled at a funeral service on Friday.

Robert, 63, and his son Patrick, 29, died while trying to save their home in the bushfire-ravaged town of Cobargo on New Year's Eve.

Patrick's wife Renee renewed her wedding vows at the service.

COBARGO, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 24: An attendee holds memorial cards during the funeral of Patrick and Robert Salway on January 24, 2020 in Cobargo, Australia. Patrick and Robert Salway died trying to protect their home on the NSW South Coast on New Year's Eve. 29-year-old Patrick stayed with his 63-year-old father Robert stayed behind to protect their property in the farming hamlet of Wandella outside Cobargo as the Badja Forest Road fire approached on December 31, 2019. The nearby township of Cobargo was also destroyed by the fire on New Year's Eve.  (Photo by Sam Mooy/Getty Images)
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"I spoke these same words to you six years ago and even now each word runs true," Renee said. "I never learned what the words 'I miss you' were before I reached out for your hand and it was not there," she said, as reported by AAP.

Workers from Patrick's dairy company carried his coffin wearing their work shirts.

According to AAP, the father and son were buried next to another four generations of Salway family members.

On Thursday, three US firefighters became the latest casualties of the devastating bushfires, when the aircraft they were in crashed in the Snowy Monaro area of NSW.

The death toll this fire season stands at 32.