Australian mother shares moment her son plays in mud on drought-stricken farm for the first time

A young boy on a farm in New South Wales has been captured by his mother playing in the mud for the first time, as rain poured over the drought-stricken grounds.

Nkala Frost shared the touching photos of her son Archie Saunders and dad Nick jumping for joy in the mud on their farm at Wollomombi, near the NSW city of Armidale.

For months, there had been no signs of significant rain, 9 News reports. That's until Thursday when Saunders and his two-year-old son celebrated in the most fun way possible.

"Words cannot describe the happiness felt in these pictures," Frost said on Facebook.

"Rain brings our little family so much happiness."

A number of people took to the comments saying it was an "awesome" sight to see rain in the region. 

"Hope there is plenty of rain everywhere," one said.

"What a blessing," another wrote. "May our parched country enjoy many good drenchings."

According to Australia's Bureau of Meteorology, more rain and showers are expected to fall down the east coast next week, bringing lighter winds with it.

Firefighters continue to battle blazes in the inferno-ravaged country. In NSW, 135 fires are still burning and about 50 are still not contained. 

Victoria's state of disaster has been extended to Saturday.