Burglar told Florida man he was there 'to suck toes'

The suspect has not been found.
The suspect has not been found. Photo credit: Getty

A Florida man had a rude awakening when a home intruder woke him up by sucking his toes.

A police report obtained by local newspaper the Bradenton Herald said officers were called to the home on Christmas Eve, where the victim said he was in bed when he awoke to his toes being sucked.

The victim asked what the suspect was doing, to which the response was he "was there to suck toes".

After this odd interaction, a fight broke out. 

During the fight, the suspect allegedly attempted to grab the man's genitals before being forced out of the home.

The suspect allegedly smashed a window and the victim's car windshield before disappearing.

The toe-sucking burglar is still at large, despite a police search. DNA swabs have been taken from the victim's toes. 

The case is still under investigation.