David Attenborough tops list of celebrities British want as Prime Minister

Some of the famous faces chosen.
Some of the famous faces chosen. Photo credit: Getty.

Boris Johnson - watch out! There's a new floppy-haired man the people want as Prime Minister.

In a OnePoll survey of 2000 adults, Sir David Attenborough was voted the British celebrity people most wanted to be Prime Minister. The 93-year-old naturist and animal-lover took out the contest with 21 percent of the vote.

"As a much loved and trusted figure, it's not a surprise that David Attenborough topped the poll for PM," The Sun cites a Sky spokesperson as saying.

Coming in second was comedian Stephen Fry with 14 percent, followed by Sir Richard Branson on 13 percent, Jeremy Clarkson on 13 percent and Hugh Grant on 9 percent.

Other notable celebrities that Kiwis might know include Meghan Markle's arch-nemesis Piers Morgan, actress Helen Mirren, author JK Rowling, singer Adele and talk show host James Corden. 

The survey also found that nearly 50 percent of those participating believed they could do a better job in Government than those currently running Britain. About four in 10 thought celebrities would be more trustworthy and 20 percent would be more likely to vote a celebrity into office during an election than a politician.

The poll was released to promote Sky's new television show COBRA, which is about a fictional British government in the middle of a national crisis.

The full list: 1. David Attenborough (21 percent)

2. Stephen Fry (14 percent)

3. Richard Branson (13 percent)

4. Jeremy Clarkson (13 percent)

5. Hugh Grant (9 percent)

6. Piers Morgan (9 percent)

7. Ant and Dec (9 percent)

8. Jurgen Klopp (9 percent)

9. Helen Mirren (8 percent)

10. JK Rowling (8 percent)

11. Ricky Gervais (7 percent)

12. James Corden (7 percent)

13. Emma Watson (7 percent)

14. Gareth Southgate (7 percent)

15. Adele (7 percent)

16. Russell Brand (6 percent)

17. Mary Berry (6 percent)

18. Lenny Henry (6 percent)

19. Robert Carlyle (6 percent)

20. Sharon Osbourne (5 percent)

21. Stormzy (5 percent)

22. Alan Partridge (5 percent)

23. Harry Styles (5 percent)

24. Ruth Jones (5 percent)

25. Prue Leith (5 percent)