Gable Tostee, man acquitted of Warriena Wright's death, 'removed' from woman's house in Queensland

Gable Tostee during his 2016 60 Minutes interview following his trial.
Gable Tostee during his 2016 60 Minutes interview following his trial. Photo credit: 60 Minutes

Gable Tostee, infamously acquitted of killing New Zealander Warriena Wright in 2014, has been "removed" from a woman's house in Queensland after she allegedly became fearful of him.

Queensland Police confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that officers were called to a property in the suburb of Yarrabilba, south of Brisbane, in the early hours of New Year's Eve. 

Police said they received a report of an intoxicated 33-year-old man making a woman uncomfortable in her own home.

Although no offence was committed, the man was taken to Beenleigh police station to be collected by a family member.

According to the Courier Mail, Tostee had met his date via Tinder. The woman became fearful when Tostee allegedly drank heavily and discussed his 2016 court trial, in which he was acquitted of the death of Wright, a 26-year-old he met on Tinder.

Tostee, who goes by a different name following the highly-publicised trial, told the Courier Mail the New Year's Eve incident was "a misunderstanding".

"She never asked me to leave... never gave any indication she didn't want me there," he said.

"She said to me something like, 'I've done some reading on you and you've got me on edge'... I'm not even sure how it came up. I never know if people recognise my face."

Tostee claimed the woman didn't "react strangely" at the time but may have been briefly "surprised".

In 2014, Wright fell to her death from the 14th-floor balcony of Tostee's Surfers Paradise apartment after meeting him through Tinder. Tostee was acquitted of the New Zealander's murder and manslaughter two years later.

Warriena Wright and Tostee met on Tinder in 2014.
Warriena Wright and Tostee met on Tinder in 2014. Photo credit: File

The court heard that Tostee forced Wright onto the balcony and locked the door after she became aggressive following drunken sex. Prosecutors argued that Wright felt so fearful of her date that she attempted to climb from the balcony to escape him.

In February 2019, Tostee reportedly called police on a woman, claiming she assaulted him.

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