Pair fined for showering on a motorbike

Two Vietnamese men filmed washing their hair while riding a motorcycle have been fined, according to local reports. 

In the video, 23-year-old Huynh Thanh Khanh and his friend are filmed sitting shirtless on top of a motorcycle while rubbing shampoo into their heads, BBC News reported.

Khanh, the driver, holds a crate of beer on his lap as he drives and washes his hair. 

A bucket sits in between Khanh and his passenger, the rider pouring a pitcher of water over their heads.

The video was highly criticised on social media, said BBC News. 

The footage sparked an investigation, and police were able to track the two men through the scooter's number plate. 

Khanh was arrested on Wednesday and fined NZ$118, as was the other man, who remains unnamed.

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper, the two men were fined for driving without a helmet and traffic violations.

The motorcycle supplier was also fined NZ$914 for allowing an unqualified driver to rent the vehicle. 

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