UK drug dealer caught after advertising his services on T-shirt

Cocaine powder in plastic bag with a packages
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A drug dealer with a unique form of self-promotion has been busted by an undercover police officer.

Wajid Hussain, 27, advertised his illegal services through a customised T-shirt when out and about in Bradford, UK.

Yet his "Naz & Scooby - 4 for £25" shirt would be Hussain's downfall, after an undercover cop spotted the walking advertisement and arranged a fake deal.

On Friday, the Bradford Crown Court heard details of Hussain's botched operation, which saw him sentenced to six years in prison for supplying Class A drugs, Metro reports.

Prosecutors accused Hussain of playing a "significant role" in a 'bring and ring' drug enterprise last year, paying drivers to deliver cut-price wraps of crack and heroin and charging addicts as little as £7 (NZ$13.85) per package.

West Yorkshire Police launched an undercover sting operation into the bring and ring 'Scooby Line', arranging a number of deals including a £10 (NZ$19.79) wrap of heroin. The officer was reportedly offered three wraps for just £20 (NZ$39.58).

During a raid of Hussain's home in December, police found a T-shirt emblazoned with the 'Scooby Line' number and the deal "3 for £25" (NZ$49.47). The shirt, scales, cash and dealer bags were seized.

According to the outlet, Hussain has 18 previous convictions for 31 offences, including supplying Class A drugs, aggravated vehicle taking, battery and racially aggravated harassment.

Hussain's solicitor advocate said it was unusual that the 'Scooby Line' phone number was registered to the 27-year-old, to which Judge Jonathan Durham Hall replied: "It is typical of the brazen arrogance of those who think they are big men in their society".

One of Hussain's drivers, 59-year-old Kevin Hodgson, has been jailed for 26 months. 

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