US man asks for Japanese sword fight to settle court battle with ex-wife

The couple are in a dispute over property and custody.
The couple are in a dispute over property and custody. Photo credit: Getty

A US man embroiled in a lawsuit with his ex-wife has requested she and her lawyer have a sword fight with him to settle the battle.

Kansas man David Ostrom, 40, says his former lover Bridgette, 38, "destroyed him legally" after their relationship ended.

In court documents cited by the Des Moines Register, David says, "To this day, trial by combat has never been explicitly banned or restricted as a right in these United States".

David requested his ex-wife and her lawyer Matthew Hudson meet him "on the field of battle where he will rend their souls from their corporal bodies".

The couple are reportedly arguing over custody problems and possession tax.

Hudson suggested David misspelled "corporal bodies" as "corporeal", which means he opposes his ex-wife's "spirit".

The lawyer asked the court not to follow through with David's request, the Des Moines Register reports.

"It should be noted that just because the US and Iowa constitutions do not specifically prohibit battling another person with a deadly katana sword, it does prohibit a court from ordering [the] same," said Hudson.

According to the Carroll Times Herald, Hudson suggested David undergo a "psychological evaluation".