Aussie mum shamed for 'disgusting' car which took 7 hours to clean

The car was littered with lollies, cookies and dirt.
The car was littered with lollies, cookies and dirt. Photo credit: Facebook

A Mazda owner has been shamed online for their car's 'disgusting' state when it was handed over to a car detailer for a clean.

Australian automotive company Proline Automotive posted before and after pictures on Facebook of the car which they recently spent seven hours cleaning. 

An anonymous mother from Sydney's Blue Mountains had brought the car in with lollies, crumbs, cookies, dirt and receipts strewn everywhere. 

The seats and carpets had to be deep cleaned to get rid of the "sticky substances, deep stains and unpleasant odours" left inside. 

The 'after' photos show a completely different looking car.

Comments on the Facebook post praised the company for their efforts with many saying "great job!" and commending them on the "challenge".

Some wondered what the car owner's house looked like.

Proline Automotive said, unfortunately, some marks on the seats from baby seats couldn't be cleaned but advised how it could be avoided for others.

"We always recommend to people who have just purchased a new vehicle to place a towel under baby seats to avoid this type of damage if child seat safety guidelines approve this."

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