Comedian Celeste Barber slammed as 'obnoxious' and 'loud' at charity concert

Celeste Barber at the Fire Fight Australia concert.
Celeste Barber at the Fire Fight Australia concert. Photo credit: Getty.

Australian comedian Celeste Barber has been slammed by the public as "loud" and "obnoxious" after hosting the sold-out Fire Fight Australia charity concert in Sydney.

According to some concert-goers, Barber "screeched" at the crowd, made constant political digs at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and told people sitting at the back that their "seats suck".

"As Aussies, we band together because we have to look after each other - because it turns out people at the top don't," said Barber.

She appeared to be directing her comments towards Morrison, who's been criticised for his lack of action during the devastating Australian bushfires.

She also praised the Rural Fire Service (RFS) for their hard work. 

"Our volunteers across this entire country, they are the ones who saved us," she told the crowd.

"God knows people in power haven't really done much... It is the people making the change and specifically, it's our volunteers.

"They are the ones who cancel holidays to stay here and look after us, and I will speak now very confidently on behalf of a nation when I say to those volunteers, thank you." 

But despite her efforts to praise the volunteers, her comments and loud voice put a dampener on concert-goers moods and "ruined" the experience. 

People attending the flooded Twitter with their response to Barber's performance. 

"How to ruin an amazing concert? Have @celestebarber_  host it so she can scream political rubbish at the crowd. This is supposed to be about people impacted by fires, not politics, and not Celeste," one disgruntled person commented.

Another wrote "Worst Host Ever - screeching and screaming at people!"

"Who the hell is Celeste Barber apart from loud and obnoxious?" added another. 

Barber was praised for raising over $50 million towards the RFS and other charities but according to some, she may have lost favour with new fans.  

"Watching Celeste Barber destroy any goodwill she has built up over the past few months by being the most annoying person in the world," posted a Twitter user.