Coronavirus: Newborn baby in China recovers from disease without medication

Seventeen-day-old Xiao Xiao is the youngest person to have recovered from coronavirus.
Seventeen-day-old Xiao Xiao is the youngest person to have recovered from coronavirus. Photo credit: YouTube/China Central Television screenshot

A newborn baby in China has reportedly recovered from coronavirus without needing any medication. 

The 17-day-old girl - known as Xiao Xiao - became the youngest patient to have recovered from the disease so far, reports The People's Daily.

The girl, born in Wuhan on February 5, contracted the disease from her mother, who had been confirmed to have the illness.  

According to Dr Zeng Lingkong, director of the Department of Neonatology at Wuhan Children's Hospital, the baby had an infection in her respiratory system and minor myocardial damage when she was initially admitted.

But because her symptoms were not obvious, doctors decided not to give her antibiotic medication. Instead, they let her overcome the disease on her own.

She has now made a full recovery and was allowed to go home on Friday, according to The People's Daily.

Xiao Xiao had tested negative for coronavirus and has grown "bigger and fatter", Dr Zeng says.

Earlier this month a baby was confirmed to have coronavirus just 30 hours after being born, according to BBC News.

Experts believe in that case the baby - born on February 2 in Wuhan - may have contracted the virus in its mother's womb, though it is also possible it caught the illness from having close contact with its mother after birth.

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