Coronavirus: Passenger quarantined on Diamond Princess in Japan describes cruise as a 'floating prison'

A British man aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess has given an inside look into what passengers are experiencing. 

The cruise ship, which was sailing around East Asia, has been docked at Yokohama in Japan after a passenger tested positive for coronavirus. 

David Abel who was celebrating his anniversary on the cruise has been there since it first began in Yokohama from a 14-day round trip. 

Abel, who has been documenting his experience through a Facebook live stream, described the cruise as a "floating prison". 

The vessel was quarantined after a passenger tested positive for coronavirus.

Twenty passengers have been infected with the deadly virus so far.

Abel says there have been no health checks since the last three or four days and doesn't know if there are people on board who still have symptoms of the virus. 

He posted on Facebook that passengers with inside cabins are now allowed to walk on the deck for 1.5 hours under the supervision of the Quarantine officers.

"They must stay 1 metre apart from one another and not make contact or congregate in groups," he wrote. 

It's a confusing time for the passengers as Abel believes the quarantine may last longer than two weeks. 

He is unsure of whether he will be put in quarantine for another 14 days once he arrives in the UK.

"We just do not know," he told viewers.

The passengers are clearly no longer on an extravagant cruise.

"All of the luxury of having a steward come into the cabin to make the bed - those days are gone."

The cruise which once served lavish meals now does not allow passengers to choose what they eat. 

Abel who is an Insulin-dependent diabetic said this is not a good situation for him.

Despite the stressful circumstances, he says he feels the most for passengers within the inside cabin.

"The inside cabins are really small, they've got no windows to look out of," he said. 

"There's no daylight, natural light, there's no light."

He said it would be liked being locked in a wardrobe.

Other passengers also trapped on the cruise have posted their experiences on social media. 

One Twitter account named 'quarantinedondiamondprincess', who appears to be a passenger with a son, has also been posting his experience online.

"News announced 10 more confirmed positives. No announcement on the ship yet. My wife, child and I were tested because I had a cold. Feel good now. Not sure if our tests have been processed yet," he posted on Thursday.

New Zealanders on the cruise have also been affected by the coronavirus. 

On Thursday a kiwi on-board the Diamond Princess tested positive for the coronavirus.

Thirteen Kiwis were also confirmed to be among those trapped on board the coronavirus-stricken ship.