Coronavirus: US pharmaceutical company creates vaccine in three hours

A US pharmaceutical company has created a coronavirus vaccine and is now racing to distribute it - but it's yet to be tested on humans.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals made the vaccine in three hours after scientists in its San Diego laboratory accessed the virus' genetic sequence on January 9.

The vaccine has been tested on mice and guinea pigs, and clinical trials on humans could begin early in the American summer, KVUE reports.

They are still waiting for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration before it is available to the public.

Inovio's director of research and development Dr Trevor Smith says creating the vaccine is something they're "trained to do".

"We have an algorithm which we designed, and we put the DNA sequence into our algorithm and came up with the vaccine in that short amount of time," Dr Smith told KVUE.

The same company also created a vaccine for the Zika virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Ebola.

The scientists hope the vaccine will work like biological software where it will give the human body instructions on how to attack the coronavirus.