Fires in New South Wales extinguished after heaviest rainfall in decades

Fires in New South Wales have been extinguished after a weekend of heavy rainfall.

Fires in the town of Bateman's Bay that destroyed more than 300 homes were put out over the weekend.

"It is fantastic. There's no doubt there's smiling faces everywhere from a fire perspective right now to see this rain," Rural Fire Service's Shane Fitzsimmons told Newshub.

Devastating fires have been followed by floods at Lake Conjola on the New South Wales' south coast where wildlife have been affected.

"I reckon every hour it's raised by a foot," Lake Conjola resident Geoff Weeks told Newshub.

Sydney experienced its heaviest rainfall in the last three decades after nearly 400mm fell in four days.

Sydney's dams which supply drinking water have risen by half in the space of a week.

A thousand homes in Narabeen on Sydney's North Shore were evacuated last night, but some residents saw the clouds with a silver lining.

"It's like a price upgrade, you know? We've got a water view now!" Sydney resident Xiao Chang told Newshub.

The New South Wales State Emergency Service received 10,000 calls for help and 100,000 homes and businesses lost power.

Many ignored advice to avoid floodwaters prompting nearly 200 rescues last night.

"That puts the lives of the motorists, the passengers, and of course, our emergency services at risk. It's unacceptable. If you can't see the road, don't drive across it," NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliot told Newshub.