German teen Naomi Seibt, the 'antidote to Greta Thunberg', gaining popularity with far-right

A 19-year-old German girl described as "the antidote to Greta Thunberg" is gaining popularity with her right-wing supporters.

Naomi Seibt began her rise to fame last year by uploading YouTube videos with titles like "Climate change - just hot air?" and "Message to the Media - HOW DARE YOU?"

The teenager campaigns against what she calls "climate alarmism". 

Seibt is the poster child of the Heartland Institute, a Chicago based research institute which has previously lobbied in support of tobacco firms, supports fracking and denies the scientific opinion on climate change.

James Taylor, the director of Heartland Institute's Climate and Environmental Policy Centre, described her as "the star" of its recent forum at the UN climate conference.

"She's a fantastic voice for free markets and for climate realism," said Taylor.

He went on to say the tendency to compare Seibt and Thunberg is "natural" and benefits Heartland's campaign.

"Naomi is pretty much the same just with a different perspective, yeah, I think it's good that people will look at the two as similar in many ways". 

In a recent YouTube video posted by the Heartland Institute, Seibt opens by saying "It is important that we keep questioning the narrative that is out there instead of promoting it, and these days climate change science really isn't science at all".

Seint says she doesn't want people to stop believing in man made climate change but she does want them to be skeptical.

"Are man-made C02 emissions having that much impact on the climate? I think that's ridiculous to believe," she said. 

The majority of scientists agree that greenhouse gas emissions are the leading cause of climate change and are causing catastrophic damage such as marine die-offs, Australia's devastating bushfires and ice caps melting.