Golden retriever who can fit six tennis balls in his mouth goes viral

Finley performing his special talent.
Finley performing his special talent. Photo credit: Instagram

Adorable images have emerged of a golden retriever who can fit six tennis balls in its mouth - in what is apparently a world record.

US woman Erin Molloy has an Instagram account for her retriever Finley, where she's posted several photos and videos of him performing his special talent.

Molloy wrote on the Instagram account that she has submitted paperwork for Finley's feat to be recognised as a Guinness World Record. The current record, according to the Democrat and Chronicle, is five.

"Fingers crossed everyone!" Molloy said.

While obsessing over tennis balls, Finley is regularly getting up to other hijinks too. Molloy told the Democrat and Chronicle he "lives the life of a king.

"He brings joy to people all over the world," Molloy said.

That joy is made clear by Finley's Instagram account - which has more than 32,000 followers.

"What a handsome fella," one user wrote on a post, while another said Finley "makes me smile every time I see him".

"He just melts my heart."